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“Mono” not quite ready for prime time

I’ve been happily using the program for many years, to shrink music PDFs which I then load on my iPad Pro for my work as an accompanist. Some scores run over 300 pages, and size matters! The new version adds the ability to remove grey-scale information, which is very helpful. But the implementation isn’t yet good: we need to be able to adjust the B/W point; I’m often given poorly scanned originals. But, again, everything else works well and always has.


App is super easy to use and definitely does the job. Definitely happy with all the features and is rock solid. Absolutely recommend!

Works like a charm!

I have been struggling to find a way to reduce the size of scanned documents while maintaining legibillity of text. I could not figure out how to do it with the OS X built in tools. I tried to compress with Preview and even Color Sync Utility. The files would compress but the text would be illegible, or the text would remain legible but the compression was too little. This neat little app did the trick. Well worth the 3 bucks! Thanks PDFOptim!

Greate app. Worth well more than its price tag.

This app saved my bacon. I had 168 PDF files that totaled 36GB in size and needed to reduce them drastically in size while still maintaining a reasonably high quality for printing. PDFOptim did the job in about 20 minutes, reducing the space required to just 370MB for all 168 files. This app saved me a ton of time.

Super easy and quick

On first open, I was able to quickly convert 9 print res PDF’s into versions for email attachments. Saved on average around 35% and they weren’t even image heavy. Love that I can see original and conversion proof side-by-side while making adjustments. I tweaked it exactly where I needed the dpi and jpg quality, saved the settings and now I’m good to convert the other 200 or so with little effort. This will stay in my essentials toolbox! If you’re unconvinced, they have a lite (trial) version that adds a watermark…but will show how well it works. $2.99 for full version is a no-brainer.

Works Great 84% File Size Reduction

I took a 15 mb PDF of a multi-page text document down to about 1.5 mb. The interface is well done, and easy to use. The app works great.

Works flawlessly

MY use case was to compress a set of scanned PDFs before sending them in an email. Apple Preview app does not allow to conrol compression ratio, while with PDFOptim you have full contron on JPEG quality and resulting pixel resolution (DPI). Did the job in few seconds, thanks!


I scanned a 10 page document of text and it was 44 megabytes. Preview app just wasn’t able to give me good quality at all. I even started to test the ColorSync tool. This has been challenging on Mac for as long as I can remember and apps have been way too pricey. This app did the job perfectly. In less than a minute I figured our how to change the document to gray scale, export, and magically my document is only 1.3 megabytes. Worth every penny!

Dr. Dalbello

Excellent. Works in Bulk, Replaces files, so less stress. Just few clicks and it is all done. Also accepts hundreds of files at once and let you customize the reduction. Very impressed and satisfied.

Not user driven

Will not let the operator take control, if the machine feels the file is otimized then you are stuck with it, you can not compress to user specifications.

Works Excellently

PDFOptim is simple to use, works quickly, and optimizes file size well. It has become a regular space-saving tool for archiving documents or sending them over email.


great! thank you! worked great for 46page scanned document that was too huge to email

Quick, Easy, Good Value!

Converting TIFF files to PDF left me with a 12MB file that was too big to email. The “reduce size” filter in Preview left the document unreadable. I value my time, and I do not trust some of the “free” PDF Squeeze utilities on the internet to maintain my privacy. At $2.99, PDFOptim did a great, quick job of compressing my file. The interface was intuitive, and it allowed me to compare the loss of quality for greater levels of compression. Since the download is small, and the interface easy to understand, I had my file reduced from 12MB to 2.2MB in about 3 minues. I guess some people expect miracles for a $2.99 app, but I remember the days when this functionality was only available in the $149 Acrobat Standard application, and it was more difficult to use.

PDF Optim is excellent

This APP is so smooth. Very nicely done. All you have to do is drag a PDF file(s) into the list, select the appropriate filter and Save. For example, by choosing 144 dpi, High Quality, I compressed a 22-meg file with lots of pictures into a manageable 2-meg file with no noticeable loss in quality.


I mean this thing really squeezes it down to the lowest grain with perfect quality! I optimized a PDF Book from 100mb to 10mb with good quality! Perfect for all of your PDF needs!

Does Exactly what the export button does

I was looking for a better compression and bought this thinking it would optimize. Well all my files are optimized because i told Preview to export them small. dissappointed that it couldn’t even get me a mb. pathetic program

Did Not Work For

I place a 4.3 MB pdf file in the app and it came out the same size 4.3 MB- NO reduction??. Not quite sure how they other people got it to work but I wish I had my $2.99 cents back. Save your pennies.Wish the creator would post why it does not work when it fails; would be helpful: Trouble Shooting.

Does exactly what was needed!

Kept having problems trying to figure out how to reduce pdf file sizes. Found this app and decided to try it. Did exactly what I needed! Could have saved me lost time searching and searching. Just a couple of clicks and it resizes the file. Could now email without any size issues. When you reduce a file, it does reduce the quality a bit, but this app kept the quality at a decent level and was still easy.

Nice app

Works very well. Nice features like customizable filters (which you can then save), ability to scroll through both the original and optimized versions of the PDF, ability to zoom in on both versions, grayscale filter, multiple file conversion, etc. App is very fast and does not hang or freeze, even on large files.

Worth The Money

Compared to spending hundreds of dollars more for Adobe Acrobat X, this program is excellent. It does exactly what I need, which is reduce the file size. I don’t need all the other fancy features that Adobe Acrobat X offers. I would spend the few dollars to try this program before spending hundreds on Adobe Acrobat X.

It's worth $1 if you don't have other options

I bought this to compare it to Adobe Acrobat's (Pro v8) built-in File Reducer / Optimizer since I have a large number of scannerd / OCRd PDFs I'd like to optimize. I was not able to tweak the settings in PDFOptim to result in the same size reduction while maintaining a similar quality as Acrobat does on its default setting. I am sure that newer versions of Acrobat will be doing an even better job. If you happen to have access to Acrobat, I would recommend using it for file reduction.

Already Optimized

I have PDFs created in InDesign that I need to make smaller, this app already says the are Optimized and they wont go smaller even if I saved them as Press Ready. It wont open inDesign files so Im not sure what type of PDF everyone else is compressing but I have yet to find one that the app will work on??? It would be nice if this had a list or would tell you settings to export the PDF before bringing it in.

Good - could not be happier.

Adobe surprized me when I got a new iMac and I could no longer optimize without sending Adobe big bucks. I prepare detailed (often 10 mg) presentations for my clients and this does a great job. This is intuitive, provides levels of optimization which I did not really anticipate. Good product, could not be happier.

Simply Outstanding

I don't generally write reviews about apps, but this one deserves it. I bought this app because I'm migrating from NeatWorks, over to Evernote for my filing. I noticed pretty quickly that the file sizes on most of my scanned documents were a bit too large for me and chewing through my monthly upload limit with Evernote. I decided to check around and see if there was an easier way to compress the PDF's I already have, instead of dealing with them one by one. I checked out a few apps and settled on PDFOtim. I loaded up a batch of 1,150 receipts into the app. I was a bit shocked when it processed all 1,150 of them in less than 2 minutes. The default settings weren't to my liking, as I wanted a higher DPI and by simply selecting all of the files currently opened and changing the settings on the right, the app went back through and changed all my files, applying the new settings. This is a big plus for me and I went from 524MB total size, down to 183MB. That's roughly a 65% savings in space. Even saving them to disk was super fast. I was able to save all 1,150 receipts in under a minute. Granted, I am using an SSD as my primary drive. But the simple fact that the app was able to handle that many files at once, processing, edit, saving, ect. is impressive.

It works and is priced right.

The application is simple to use and has effective results. It's also priced at great bargain for $1.99.

Very simple

Very simple application that does exactly what it says it does! I was able to convert my PDFs as soon as it downloaded from the App store.

This app works!

After trying to reduce my pdf file sizes using filters, removing pictures, etc, this app has made it so easy to compress and optimize the files to a size that is manageable. The interface is simple and the option to save the reduced file to anywhere you need to makes it easy. The product does what it claims to do and is simple and intuitive. I recommend it.

Easy to Use and it works.

Used it to crush a massive PDF file so it could be emailed. Easy to use and does what it says.

It Just Works

Intuitive interface, quick, flexibility for tweaking - this app has it all. And it just works…!

Huge Time Saver-simple interface

Usually I spent forever trying to reduce pdf sizes yet still retain quality. I use to use Preview and save as a reduced file size, but often the quality was poor. Now I can save enormous amounts of time reducing file sizes and emailing pdfs. Simple interface, but still lots of adjustment to enable fine-tuning, thanks!

Wowzers! So easy...

This program is great in every way, does exactly what it promises. Really easy to load up a pdf, change multiple options for compressing it, SEEING a LIVE PREVIEW of the document before it is saved as well as the new file size, then saving it where you want. Easily turned a 5 MB PDF into 600k file and I can't even see the difference in quality between the two. I was hesitant because I know how to use the quartz filters built into Preview and Colorsync, but the output from these (even after tweaking my own filter files) was poor. This little program just makes it easy. I'm not sure why PDF files are so bloated to begin with but here's the solution.

Instantly reduced my PDF to 25% of original size

Despite the recent negative review from someone who wasn't able to save a converted file, I had absolutely no problem with this app. I needed to compress and email a PDF contract that was over 24MB in size while keeping the quality good enough to print clearly. I didn't even need to read any help files; the controls were very intuitive and provided an instant preview of the results when any setting was changed. I easily converted the doc down to 6MB in size without any noticeable loss to print quality. If this is what you need, I highly recommend this app.

Cant Save File

When I try to save the optimized file to the desktop it disappears

PDF Optim

Well worth the price. Does what it says it will do. I had numerous text based PDF files to compress, some as little as two pages and some as large as twenty five. They all compressed nicely and no degradation or loss of quality occurred. Based on the Quality needed from high to low the compression rate was from 30% to 60% on average. No crashes and easy to use.

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